Pressure Washer Pressure (psi)

  Lots of people think that the more powerful your washer the more cleaning you can get done, that’s not always the case.While few jobs may require all that pressure to remove stubborn, stuck on things that just won’t budge. Stop and think about the area around that of your trying to remove….can it hold up to all that pressure? More than half the time the end results can be a little displeasing to the eye.


Water volume is the real working force behind a great working pressure washer. Companies build a wide range of washers


For example

                                                                                                                                                                         3500psi discharge 2.5 gal water per min.(Residential) all the way up to

3500psi discharge 10 gal water per min.(Commercial,Industrial) or                                       4000psi discharge 4.5 gal. of water per min.


 As psi do change and water discharge vary with different models, one thing remains the same, Water Volume will always be the real driving force in effective cleaning.

Unloader Valve


The unloader valve diverts water flow into the bypass when the trigger gun valve is closed, some residential models don’t perform this action which in turn causes the washer to have great difficult in starting if you do not release pressure with the trigger located on the wand. Unloaders may be designed to respond to either an increase in pressure or a change in flow. The unloader valve may also be used for variable pressure adjustment. You’ve had your washer for some time now and starting to find that it’s not as powerful or effective as it once was when you first purchase it. This is not a big problem, it is common for washer from residential to commercial models to experience this. Check out these things to test.

First: check water supply make sure your water flow is strong enough coming to the washer, check for kinks in the line.

Second: check if the last time you used the washer that you didn’t
forget to reset the pressure, had you adjusted the unloader valve previously? (Some residential washer models, unloader valves are set at a fixed pressure and can’t be adjusted).

 Third: with the washer not running, water supply turned on and connected to washer, squeeze the wand trigger. While depressing the trigger observe the water flow discharging from the end of the wand, it may spit and sputter for a little due to air trapped in the line but should clear up and have a soft steady flow. If you have no flow coming out chances are you have blockage. We see for the most cases blockages is cause from Dirt Dauber/ Mud Dauber, these are a type of wasp that builds mud nest in any hole they can get there body or leg into to lay its larva.

Fourth: check your pumps oil level see that it is visible in the sight glass and clear looking, some are red in color or clear to a light tent color either way if there is visible oil but looks milky you have pump trouble and it may need rebuilding or replacing. If no oil visible you may have burned up the pump.

Fifth: after preforming all the above checks, oil is okay and you
still don’t have the pressure you desire it may be time to change the Unloader Valve
. Unloader Valve are known to lose it effectiveness and need changing.



Pressure Washer Hard To Start

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             For the most cases hard to start pressure washer’s electric or pull start sometimes has too much pressure built up in the line making it hard for the washer motor to turn fast enough to get running. In this case simple squeeze the wand trigger holding it down as you turn the key or pull the rope handle, this will release line pressure allowing the motor to turn with ease to start running. Once started release the trigger.

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