About Us- Welcome To ALL CLEAN PWS in Mansura Louisiana we are Permitted to Operate State Wide


All CLEAN PWS is a LLC company, Louisiana State Licensed, Insured and Permitted to work state wide. We are a small company that offers the latest in state of the art pressure washing, steam cleaning and wash water recovery we offer Eco friendly technology to get the job done quickly and lowering your cost. We define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.


We believe in our business that we can provide a better cleaning solution for our clients. By improving their business environment and appearance brings a better perspective of their business to their
customers and employees, that they respectfully care about their experience while spending time at your location.



Caring about everyone associated with our company we view ourselves as partners with our customers our employees, our community and our environment.



Our motto is: Together, we believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us.




All so a member of Marksville Chamber Of Commerce



Michael Ducote, owner

Phone: 318-201-7781

Fax: 318-964-5984

Email: mducote@allcleanpws.com


Permitted to Operate State Wide,

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All Clean PWS
Pinks lane
Mansura, Louisiana 71350


Also located in

Mansura, Louisiana

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Mike Ducote

phone: 1 (318) 201-7781


What's New


 Signing a monthly Service Contract can save you $$$.   For more information give us a call.




Estimates are FREE,but not all jobs are the same we need to physically inspect the area being cleaned.




As Partners we can over come all challenges and
problems that continue to occurring with previous company's. We
will look at the way service has been provided to you and implement an improved solution.      

Provide the newest technology in cleaning that will cut work time and provide better results for our customers.  

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